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    WEEK 11:  M1940 Single Decal EF Pattern Army Helmet

EF patterned helmets had a specific shape, like other manufacturers, that was unique to the steel molds and presses used by the factory.  This particular helmet is a classic example of the standard M40 pattern EF helmet bearing the single decal used exclusively by the EF (Fulda) firm.  Note that other than the silver color, the decal is identical in every way to the decal used on the EF Kriegsmarine helmet shown in Week 9.  The decal even bears the same overlay printing error that allows portions of the decal's backing to show on the left side of the printed image.  Note also that the color of the this EF helmet is distinctly different than the slate gray color found on the EF Kriegsmarine helmet of Week 9.  These decals, regardless of their branch of service, have often been called "thin winged" decals by collectors due to the shape of the downward stretched feathers.  The matte gray color of the exposed helmet rivet is due to the oxidation of the zinc plating applied to the rivets before they were painted.

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