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    WEEK 4:  M1935 Pattern 64cm Single Decal Kriegsmarine Combat Helmet

This M1935 single decal German Naval (Kriegsmarine) helmet was captured in Cherbourg, France in 1944 by a US Army soldier serving in the Signal Corps.  The helmet was purchased directly from a family member who had been given the helmet decades ago.  The soldier who captured the helmet recounted that he found it in a bunker following the German surrender of Cherbourg.  The helmet was stacked in a pile of German equipment which apparently had been thrown into one room of the concrete bunker.  The bunker itself was a German Naval artillery installation situated along the harbor.  The helmet itself was produced in 1940 and bears one of the last reinforced aluminum liner bands to be used prior to the production of zinc plated steel liner bands.  The paint finish is factory done and the helmet was clearly produced with texture and intended to be a single decal helmet (as opposed to the many helmets that were factory produced as double decal helmets and then later repainted).  The decal is 100% without damage and clearly illustrates the golden color that is associated with German Naval helmets.  Many SE factory produced helmets (including ET helmets) manufactured for the Germany Army are falsely identified as naval helmets due to the yellow tarnishing that occurs over time and also due to the yellowing of the lacquer finish applied over the decal.  SE and ET produced army decals used a "bronze pulver" for the silver portions of the insignia and over the years this bronze color tones down to a golden color.  In reality, there are very few German Naval helmets in existence and far less than one would commonly assume based on misidentification.  Original Kriegsmarine helmet decals utilize gold leaf (not bronze pulver) as their metallic backing.

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