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    WEEK 5:  M1942 64cm Single Waffen-SS Sniper's Helmet

This exceptionally rare helmet was acquired in 2009 from the family of a living WWII veteran who served in both Italy and France during World War II.  The veteran returned with several items which included aluminum fragments and parts from a downed German airplane taken on the second day of the U.S. landings on Anzio Beach in Italy. Following his time in Italy the veteran was assigned to the First Army in England where he participated in the Normandy landings in June 1944.  The helmet shown below he captured from a German sniper.  The helmet is a three toned camouflaged M42 which surprisingly bears an army decal under the camouflage paint.  The cloth cover is the standard Waffen-SS type with steel clips and marked on the interior specifically for a size 64cm helmet.  The helmet was captured intact including the exceptionally rare Waffen-SS sniper's face veil - and item which is so rare less than 12 are known to exist in the world of which only two have ever been photographed and displayed in any reference works.  Interestingly, we might surmise the sniper was in fact an army soldier who was able to acquire a Waffen-SS camouflaged face veil and helmet cover.  The safety pin on the front was used to secure the cloth portion of the veil to the helmet cover during use.  The helmet remained untouched in the veteran's garage in Lincoln, NE for more than 60 years.  The helmet was found with the face veil turned backwards indicating that the soldier who probably wore it generally turned the veil backwards when not in use.  The helmet was captured along with other items from the sniper including K98k leather ammunition pouches, rare glass rounds for the K98k rifle - something so rare that they are often disputed as being authentic, and the soldier's water bottle and K98k rifle cleaning kit.

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