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    Helmet Appraisals

Individuals seeking information on the value of World War II German helmets or other Nazi-era artifacts are eligible to receive a free appraisal of their item(s) by the webmaster at  See what others have to say about the quality and professionalism regarding this website and it's author.  Our appraisals include:

  • A basic value assessment;

  • Check for authenticy;

  • Information on how to sell your item(s) in the event you care to dispose of them, and;

  • A potential offer to BUY your helmet and military items for sale directly to

You may also choose to sell your military item(s) directly to the webmaster.  To receive a free appraisal or to sell an item please email the webmaster with the following information:

  • Helmet Type:  Give us your best guess as to the type of helmet in your possession.  Our Quick ID charts can help you identify the general type (or model) of helmet in your possession.  Please remember that many foreign or post World War II helmets look similar to German helmets even though they are not.

  • Description:  Provide a detailed description of your helmet in one or two paragraphs.  We are not worried about the quality of your writing!  We simply need to know what you have.  Please indicate if the helmet has one, two, or no decals, if it has a liner and chinstrap, and also your best estimate as to the color of the helmet.  If you are able to send photos in jpg or gif file formats then please include these as well.  If you have other items of interest, be sure to describe them as best you can.  Having photos to assess an item is the best method to insure a proper appraisal.

  • History:  Please include any background information on the helmet and whether or not the helmet is a family heirloom, recent purchase, prospective purchase, or a helmet in your collection.

  • Email:  Be sure to include a proper email address if the one you have differs from the one on your email request.  All appraisal comments are sent to the initial email address unless otherwise requested.

  • Contribution:  If you care to donate a small cash payment for your appraisal then please visit our Sponsors Program link for further information.  A cash donation of $5 or $10 can assist in covering the costs associated with the website.  A cash donation is not required to receive your free appraisal.

  • Helmet Consignments:  We frequently handle consignment sales of WWII German artifacts (and specifically German helmets and headgear) of the period 1933 through 1945.  We have consigned and sold items ranging in value between $350 and $8,000 depending on market price, condition, rarity, and collector interest.  We maintain an active buyers list of collectors from around the world who are eager to purchase items.  In most cases, items sell within a matter of hours of being posted on our website or being notified by email. We do not recommend selling your items through online auctions such as Ebay since few items realize their full value in this way and the percentage fees for selling your items significantly reduce your potential earnings.  We maintain a very low commission rate on our consignment sales.  If you are interesting in selling items please contact the webmaster for specific terms specified in a written signature approved document.  All items accepted for consignment must be 100% original artifacts - no exceptions.  If you have items to sell please follow the steps outlined in the Appraisals Section (above) and note in your correspondence that you are interested in consigning for direct sale.

  • Estate Liquidation:  We can assist in WWII veteran estate liquidations regarding the disposal of wartime souvenirs brought back by your family member and honored veteran.  We are interested in purchasing entire collections and will assist in the proper appraisal, consignment, and sale of wartime military items.  We have worked with many families who are interested in selling these items as a means to ensure that they are kept safe and in collectors hands, while also providing the much needed monetary funds to assist elderly family members with assisting living or healthcare issues.  We are sensitive to these issues and are interested in helping.  If you have items to sell directly please contact the webmaster for safe, confidential, and caring assistance.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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