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Stahlhelm:  Evolution of the German Steel Helmet by Floyd R. Tubbs & Robert Clawson

This 117 page softbound book is a revised version of the same book published in the 1970's.  Released a second time in 2000, this book is currently available for about $20 US.  The primary author (now deceased) was a well known and respected collector of military helmets from around the world.  His efforts at publishing a book on the German helmet was one of the first endeavors ever taken on by a collector in this area.

From a reader's standpoint the text is rather basic, but it does cover a wide range of information regarding the German helmet and its development from the First World War to the Cold War.  This Second Edition appears more like an abbreviated version of some of the information written in the book by Ludwig Baer.

Unlike other works, an advantage to this book is that the text is written in such a way as to give the reader the short story behind the German helmet along with perspectives on its development over time.  An interesting emphasis is also placed on Austrian model World War I helmets which is something that does not appear in other works on the same subject.

From a photographic standpoint, there are no color photos of any kind and those shown are small and difficult to see.  In addition, several of the helmets photographed are in fact old reproductions and can not be considered solid photographic comparison for use in determining if a helmet is original.  

To the reader, the revised edition will seem identical to the 1970's edition with a redesigned cover.   Even so, for someone who are uninterested in Ludwig Baer's book, this softbound handbook fills an interesting gap when it comes to understanding the development of the German helmet.  

Because the book contains photos of a number of old reproductions, readers are advised to avoid using the photographs in this book as detailed examples for comparison to originals. This is particularly true of those illustrated as World War II helmets with decals of any kind.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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