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Le Casque Allemand: by Philippe Letonturier

This colorful softbound book includes a combination of detailed text and photos depicting the history of the World War II German helmet.  Helmets are categorized into short chapters that describe various helmets of the Wehrmacht.  Nice detailed photos show close-up images of decals for easy identification. 

The author lives in France and is a respected collector of World War II German helmets.  The book is one of a series published by Gazette Des Armes, a Paris Publisher specializing in military history and collectibles.  The nature and feel of this book is similar to that presented by Militaria Magazine, another French language periodical on militaria and history

From close examination of the photos, it appears that the book is free of any obvious "fakes" or "reproductions."  This is fortunate as collectors are always in need of good, detailed photos of quality original helmets.  Some collectors may challenge a few of the "exotics" so described by the writer, but this is not uncommon when it comes to non-standard political style helmets.  For the most part, the book focuses on covering topics most akin to those found on  The text and its layout are similar in the sense that they take the reader through a description of various markings, liner styles, decals, and helmets worn by the Wehrmacht.

The book's major drawback is that is is printed only in French.  For English readers the book will remain a handy reference guide with good images of some solid looking helmets.  A reader with a good French language translator should do well in converting the text to English.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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