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SS Helmets: A Collector's Guide Volume I:  by Kelly Hicks

This older softbound book features a nice selection of color and black and white photographs of authenticated and rare SS helmets.  The publisher is Reddick Enterprises which is a retail catalog seller of reproduction German militaria for collectors.  Detailed photographs show the interior of helmets, decals, color finishes, and overall variations in pre-war transitional and combat styles.  This book is still typically purchased for a reasonable sum of $20 US.  

Compared to other books the text is limited overall, but it does feature commentary on both original and reproduction helmets.  Readers should be aware that the author's main focus in writing this guide was to illustrate (through photographs) the visual aspects of known original examples.  The author is clearly adamant about his beliefs that collectors should come into the hobby fully knowledgeable about original helmets.  His premise is that it is far easier to identify a fake helmet when one knows what an original looks like.

Over the years, a few collectors have stated that they believe some of the helmets featured in this  book are quite possibly reproductions.  However the author is a noted authority on the subject and has personally identified each helmet in the book.  He has always been willing to defend his position on the helmets photographed.  Many of the helmets depicted are in fact in the possession of the author, while others are from a variety of collections.  Some of the helmets have been observed for sale in the marketplace since this book was first published.

The book does not make an attempt to answer every question regarding German helmets, but places emphasis exclusively on SS helmets.  For collectors looking for information on this highly controversial area of helmet collecting, Volume I is a helpful guide in that matter.  The work is published as a softbound handbook and is only available in English.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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