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Original Buckles

Wartime German helmet chinstraps were produced by a number of leather manufactures who were contracted by the Armed Services Procurement Office.  Each manufacturer utilized various buckles that were essentially the same in overall appearance.  Close examination of the actual details of each buckle type reveals that subtle differences exist between all the variations.  The photographs below depict all the know variations which are considered original.

Early buckles were produced in sand polished aluminum as well as bare steel.  Steel versions were later produced with light-gray or field-gray paint finishes.  Some buckles were more round than others, while others had a square shape.  Bare aluminum and steel buckles were produced first with painted buckles appearing sometime in 1940.  Even though some buckles were painted, not all chinstraps produced after 1940 were made in this way.  It is important to note that all buckle styles were issued and used on helmets through May 1945.

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Sand Polished Aluminum (Introduced 1935)

Bare Steel (Introduced 1935)1

Gray Painted Steel

Bare Aluminum

Light Green Painted Steel

Sand Polished Steel

Field-Gray Painted Steel

Light Gray Painted Steel

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1 This style buckle has been used as the prototype for a near identical reproduction being reproduced in Eastern Europe and sold as "original" in most collecting circles.













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