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Photo:  Roller Buckle Chinstrap (top) and M1931 Chinstrap (bottom).


German Helmet Chinstraps

The type of chinstraps used on World War II German helmets first appeared in 1931 when liner systems were undergoing a redesign.  The first chinstraps made to replace the standard World War I two-buckle sliding chinstrap was a type that used a roller buckle (shown at top).  The roller buckle chinstraps saw service during the early to mid-1930's until a new design was introduced for use with the updated M1931 aluminum liner band system.  This chinstrap might best be termed the "M1931 chinstrap" (shown second from top) since it was designed to accompany the new liner M1931 liner system.  Despite the introduction of the new M1931 chinstrap, many roller buckle chinstraps were used well after 1940.  They continued to be issued with helmets that had been in storage or already in use.  The new M1931 style buckles used a smaller buckle design and were made to attach directly to two "D" rings on either side of the helmet liner.  The first M1931chinstraps produced were made with aluminum as well as steel buckles.  After 1940 many steel buckles were produced with a coat of gray or green paint.  The paint was intended to cut down on the reflective qualities of the metal as well as to help prevent against rust.  In 1937 a standard was introduced that required all manufacturers to mark their chinstraps to ensure quality.  Many chinstraps produced prior to this year were left unmarked. 

By 1942 a wartime industry produced the need for a systematic way of marking material without giving away the name of the firm and its location.  A new system was introduced that required manufacturers to mark their product with a serial code known as an "RB Number."  The National Business Number (Reichsbetreibsnummer-RBNr.) was placed by manufacturers on the long end of each chinstrap.  Interestingly, many chinstraps produced in 1944 did not receive the RB Number.  One can only assume that the omission was an error or that the practice was simply discontinued in order to speed production.


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