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Retaining Studs

Both the short and long end of a German helmet chinstrap was attached to the liner band "D" rings by means of a metal stud that held the leather together.  One end of the leather was placed through the "D" ring and bent forward so that two slots in the leather chinstrap met evenly.  A solid metal stud was then placed through the two slots to retain the chinstrap to the liner band.  These chinstrap retaining rivets were initially produced out of aluminum.  Later they were also produced from steel.  In some cases the steel was painted gray or field-gray depending on the color of the chinstrap buckle.  In almost every case an original chinstrap will have a matching buckle and retaining studs made of the same material.  It is certainly possible that some chinstraps were issued with a combination of mismatched parts, however most collectors tend to prefer chinstraps that are entirely matching.  This is generally good indication that someone has not tampered with the original components by using postwar or original replacement parts to repair elements missing from the original.  Former West German border guard helmets often used chinstraps that were manufactured similar to wartime examples.  These too utilized aluminum retaining studs.  In addition, post war replica's of German World War II chinstraps have been manufactured for years.  These too attach in the same way as originals using reproduction retaining studs.  In most cases, it can be very difficult to distinguish an original retaining stud from an aged reproduction.  Retaining studs were not manufactured with any type of manufacturing marks or numbers.  As a result, it is important for collectors to inspect overall age and wear of a chinstrap to include the fine patina that lies in and around the retaining stud.

Early First Pattern Aluminum Retaining Stud
Steel Retaining Stud

Field-Green Retaining Stud

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Steel stud and leather opening on an original chinstrap end.
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