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Over the years I have received a tremendous amount of support from individuals seeking information about World War II German helmets. This includes family members of veterans, students, teachers, professors, and collectors.


An active global community of helmet collectors support through their regular use of the information collected here.  Many visitors have also made financial contributions to support this work.


If you have comments please email and provide them.  Below are some of the many notes I receive daily regarding the historical information found on this website. I thank you for your continued support!



Webmaster / Author / Collector-Historian


  • Brian, Thanks. I have really enjoyed your book, Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933-45. It has been very informative. I have had a fascination with German Helmets since I was a kid. I only began collecting about a year ago. Your website has been a wealth of information as well. Best regards, Dave S. (USA).

  • Dear Mr. Brian Bell, This email is just to thank you about that great UV Light article. I heard a lot of things on this subject on internet forums, but never so clear like yours. Thank you so much, Ricardo C. (Brazil).

  • First off I just wanted to commend you on the quality of your website.  After I started to try and do some research into my helmet, I quickly found that your website is by far the most comprehensive. P. Sayler (USA).

  • Brian: Thanks...thanks, I was so worried about this helmet, that is why I have always thought that you are the best, just from reading your web info. Remember if there is anything you ever need from Mexico, don't hesitate to ask. If you come down on vacations I will be glad to show you around. Thanks again, Jaime S. (Mexico).

  • Hello. I have just purchased an M40 double decal (SS) camo helmet.  After reading and looking at your excellent website, I have lost confidence in my modest expertise regarding German helmets since I have never owned an SS, much less a double decal.  I am hoping that you may help me since I have NO expertise with SS stuff in general.  I plan to send a donation….I just found your wonderfully done site and plan to visit often. Many Thanks ahead of time! Sincerely, D. Amerine (USA).

  • Hi: First let me tell you I love your site, and I know you must spend a great amount of time gathering the amazing data and organizing it. I have made a paypal donation to help out. H. Fackovec (USA).

  • Just came across your website -- amazing!  B. Endicott (USA).

  • Dear Brian, I just wanted to send you a "thank you" for your prompt and most helpful response. Blessings, K. Johnson (USA).

  • Brian I can't thank you enough.  Your fast response and knowledge is to be admired.  Thanks again. P. Fucello (USA).

  • Hi, I just wanted to say THANKS!  I recently found a German helmet in my grandfather’s house during an estate settlement. I knew nothing about these helmets and went online seeking help. Your web site is fantastic! Very informative and interesting, GREAT job. Thanks again, D. Eve (USA).

  • Your website has been a goldmine of information. I have learned more in a couple days reading your website than in many years of off & on collecting. C. Ross (USA).

  • Hello and thanks for the info! Your sight is very well done and informative. I know what to look for if I ever come across any more WW2 memorabilia. Best regards, P. Speredes (USA).

  • Mr. Bell, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I found it very well written and informative, as well beautifully illustrated. My dad fought with the 76th, 302dFAB in Germany, etc., in WWII, and brought back some wonderful pieces. Thank you for a fantastic website, and for keeping history alive! Best regards, D. Mattingly (USA).

  • Mr. Bell, In first place, let congratulate you for your great site. Your site was recommended by a fellow Brazilian Collector and since then it has been of great use and help for all collectors, avoiding a lot of troubles and setbacks with this tough but pleasant hobby. D. Aguiar Jr. (Brazil).

  • Hello, First off congratulations on an outstanding web site. In my ten years of surfing the web your's is one of the most detailed and well organized of pretty much any I've seen from a private individual, heck, professional for that matter. P. Marcell (USA).  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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