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Photo:  A Normandie Pattern M1940 Heer Helmet.

Camouflage Paint

The practice of painting a helmet in camouflage scheme was adapted from regulations that governed the concealment of heavy vehicles and equipment.  The potential color ranges and application methods used to camouflage helmets varied greatly from one man to the next. Vast differences in texture, color, pattern, and paint thickness existed even within units.  This accounts for the wide variety of patterns seen on all helmets painted in this manner.  It would be nearly impossible to catalogue the infinite variety of color combinations and patterns that were ultimately used. 

The various paints used to camouflage helmets were derived from a concentrated paste that was issued in 2 kg. and 20 kg. cans.  This paste was introduced in 1943 and was manufactured in such a way that it could be thinned with water or gasoline and applied by brush or spray gun.  When thinned with water, the paste proved to be relatively unstable under harsh conditions.  Running or smearing of the paint, especially before it was completely dried, was common.  As a result gasoline became the preferred thinning agent over water.  In some cases even motor oil was used as a thinning agent.


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This Information Track provides historical facts pertaining to camouflage paint used by the Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht 1933-1945.  Individual links related to this subject are outlined below.

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