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    Collector Topics:  Decal Printers and Size Dimensions

Photo:  A Luftwaffe decal on a camouflaged helmet.

Decal Manufacturers

The tables below provide standard dimensions as well as known printers for various types of helmet insignia of the Waffen-SS, Polizei and Wehrmacht (Armed Services).  This information comes directly from independent research and original, unapplied decals bearing maker imprints denoting firm name.  Additional information regarding decal manufacturers is not currently available, although time may uncover details not currently known regarding the firms that produced these insignia.

Decal Manufacturers*

(Source – Author’s research)





Abziehbilderfabrik Gust. Peiniger

Bielefeld. No. 7209

C.A. Pocher   


Ed Strache 

Warnsdorf / Vienna

Huber Jordon 


Methner & Bϋrger  


Wilhelm Abels


*Additional manufacturers also existed but information unavailable


Decal Dimensions

Insignia Type 

Standard Size / Height x Width


Army Eagle**  

40/41mm x 33mm

Navy Eagle** 

40/41mm x 33mm

Luftwaffe Eagle (1st pattern)

36mm x 60mm

Luftwaffe Eagle (2nd pattern) 

36mm x 67mm

Tricolored Shield    

40mm x 33mm

**Some maker variations differed by 1mm in height

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