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Photo:  An Original Unapplied Green Luftwaffe Second Pattern Decal.


Subdued Helmet Decals

One of the more controversial issues among the collecting community is the subject of subdued (camouflaged) Luftwaffe helmet decals.  From verifiable accounts, it appears that in late 1944 or 1945 the Luftwaffe experimented with subdued helmet decals for app-lication on all combat helmets including those used by paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger).  Decals were printed face up with several on a single sheet of transfer paper.  The decals were intended to be applied using water as the transfer medium.  Several helmets have been observed over the years exhibiting these subdued decals.  The color of the green can vary from light to very dark.  In addition, a blue subdued decal has also been observed.  It is not known whether or not the blue version is in fact an original decal or a postwar produced item.  It has been established over the years that one early collector obtained large quantities of these original subdued decals to which he applied many to standard, no decal Luftwaffe helmets.  As a result, this action has complicated the ability to accurately determine if any of these decals were actually wartime applied.  Although it is a historical fact that these decals were printed during the war, this too has been complicated by the fact that several reproduction versions of the decal have been manufactured and sold over the years.  As a result, collectors should be careful about purchasing helmets with subdued decals.

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