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This website (to include its author and contributors) does not support the politics, motives, or actions of World War II Nazi Germany, the government of the Third Reich or its leaders and political supporters.  The information provided on the website and is intended for collectors and historians who seek to learn more about the equipment used by the Germany military between 1933 -1945. has been designed to provide factual information and photographs regarding World War II German helmets for those who are interested in studying the military history of Germany.  Since May of 2000, has had more than a quarter of a million visitors including students, school teachers, antique dealers, university professors, hobbyists, museums, collectors, military veterans, and families seeking to identify wartime mementoes left by their loved ones.

We hope you find the information on this site interesting and helpful.  Please be aware of our copyright terms for the use of information as well as photographs.  The information compiled on this site comes from a variety of well-known references, individual contributors, and original research that has been used to present factual information regarding the German steel helmet of the Second World War.


This site is dedicated to the victims of all wars, both civilian and military, 

as remembrance of the tragedy of war.


Photo: German helmets captured in May 1945 await meltdown to be

turned into something else of more tangible use than warfare.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933 -1945

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