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The type of liners used in Fallschirmjäger helmets evolved from those first issued with the M1936 paratrooper helmet.  Early versions were constructed using orange pads made from natural porous rubber.  This was later changed to black or gray man-made rubber.  Metal bands were produced from aluminum but this too was later changed to zinc plated steel.  The liners came in various sizes that could accommodate the shell size of the helmet.  These liners were not adjustable but were manufactured in the usual size ranges.  Variations in head size were generally achieved by manufacturing the liner to be larger or smaller based on the thickness of the rubber pad.  Chinstraps were made of multi-piece leather with a gray color.  The back side of the chinstrap was sewn with a soft gray or brown chamois material.  Both aluminum and zinc grommets were used in the manufacturing of chinstraps.  Various snaps were used on the chinstraps with some bearing markings and others without.  Many chinstraps were manufactured using the snaps made by the "Prym" firm and were so marked to indicate the producer.  However, not all chinstraps used the snaps made by this firm and many were unmarked.  Some snaps possessed simple designs without any manufacturer's name.  The leather components were sewn in two large pieces with 12 holes for ventilations.  The liner was generally marked with the size and maker's trade name.  In addition, most liners produced from 1942 onward had a Reichsbetreibsnummer (RBNr.) stamped onto the leather in place of the manufacturer's name.  A foam rubber pad was also used in the crown of the liner for additional impact protection.  This pad was generally glued to the rubber pads around the inside of the liner band.  In some cases, all of the foam components were manufactured from a single piece of man-made rubber.

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This mid-war liner consists of an aluminum band and man-made rubber foam inserts..  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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