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Fire Helmets

In 1934 the light-weight steel alloy prototype helmet was approved for general use by all fire-fighting units.  This helmet is sometimes designated the M1934 by modern collectors because of the year of its introduction.  Several different versions of the M1934 helmet exist with many variations resulting from subtle differences in the air vents or visors.  The M1934 helmet was painted semi-gloss black inside and out with two insignia placed one on each side. Fire Protection Police helmets were manufactured with and without an aluminum metal comb.  In some cases the metal comb was also painted black.  As a result of a large surplus in helmets, M1934 models without combs were issued in 1940 for general wear by all fire-fighting personnel.  The helmets used typical civilian style liner systems and chinstraps. The liners were made so that they could accommodate a removable black leather neck shield.  Early versions, like the one shown, were first given insignia that included a mobile swastika and a tilted tricolored shield.  This combination of insignia was first introduced 26 April 1934, but later upgraded and reversed so that the swastika appeared on the right side as shown on the helmet at right.  Likewise, this insignia was also replaced and changed on 28 July 1938 when all fire units were integrated directly with the German Police.


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The Left Side of the Tilted National Decal.


The Right Side Showing the Swastika.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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