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    Heer (Army):  Austrian Guard Helmet Insignia (Unattributed)

Helmet Insignia

The insignia found on this unattributed Austrian guard helmet consists of the German Armed Forces eagle (Wehrmachtsadler) in silver (for the German Army) as well as a large multi-colored decal bearing the Imperial insignia of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austrian decal bears a double headed eagle and crown printed in black with a shield on it's chest.  A small silver ribbon is printed below the eagle and bears Latin script numbers which are only partially identifiable.  Readers should note that this is the only helmet known to exist in this configuration.  Other examples of this helmet do not exist by which an accurate comparison can be made.  Additional information is currently being researched to better identify the actual use for this helmet based on these insignia.

Standard German Army Eagle Decal (Left Side)

Austro-Hungarian Shield Insignia (Right Side)


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