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    Deutsche Polizei: Landespolizeigruppe "General Göring"

The Insignia of the German Police

State Police Group "General Göring"

On 22 December 1934 Hermann Göring authorized the renaming of the State Police Group Wecke (Landespolizeigruppe Wecke).  The Landespolizeigruppe Wecke had been established on 23 February 1933 as a special police battalion serving the German State of Prussia.  As Prussian Minister of the Interior, Hermann Göring was intent to have a his own paramilitary police force through which he could control and enforce National Socialist doctrine.  The command of this unit was given to Police Major Wecke (Major der Schutzpolizie Wecke) who oversaw the growth and training of the unit and its members.  The unit grew in strength and numbers and on 2 May 1933 it was relocated to a barracks compound at the Cadet School at Gross-Lichterfelde in Berlin.  Here the unit was trained more formally as military police. 

On 17 July 1933 the unit was placed directly under the control of Göring's office and renamed "Landespolizeigruppe Wecke" (Regional Police Regiment Wecke for Special Purposes).  This was the first police unit formed on a regional basis and the elite organization became the model for all others later created throughout Germany.  On 22 June 1934 commander Wecke retired and was replaced by Göring's Adjutant, Friedrich Wilhelm Jakoby. 

On 22 December 1934 the unit was renamed in Göring's honor taking the title "Landespolizeigruppe General Göring."  The unit was once again renamed and upgraded to the title "Regiment Göring" on 1 April 1935.  At this point in time the unit began its integration into the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) which also fell under Göring's control.  A complete changeover to Luftwaffe uniforms and insignia was accomplished by 23 March 1936.  The Regiment eventually took part in the Austrian Anschlus in March 1938 as well as the occupation of the Sudetenland in October 1938.  The Regiment did not take part in the Polish campaign, and later was entirely absorbed into the Luftwaffe.


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