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    Luftwaffe (Air Force):  Fire Protection Helmets
Luftwaffe Fire Fighting Helmets

German Air Force (Luftwaffe) fire fighting personnel assigned to airfields were equipped with standard black painted civic model firemen's helmets.  These were supplied in the standard models common to all fire fighting units which included helmets with black leather neck flaps that served as heat shields to protect the wearer's neck.  To differentiate these helmets from those of the civilian fire fighting organizations (Feuerwehren), the Luftwaffe regulated that each helmet be given a white painted ring around the midline or center. 

In addition, most helmets configured in this way1 were given two decals consisting of the standard Luftwaffe second pattern eagle decal and the National tri-colored shield.  Helmets configured early in the Luftwaffe's history were given gold eagle decals stated by an order stipulating that technical personnel (as well as general officers) have this insignia distinction.  However, the majority of these helmets were given white eagle decals after regulations regarding the use of the gold decal were changed prior to 1939.

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1 Collectors should note that counterfeit examples of this helmet have been observed for sale at shows or through internet auctions.  Generally speaking, the helmet configuration is easy to replicate since reproduction decals and white paint can upgrade a standard original civic model fire fighting helmet so that it appears as a wartime configured Luftwaffe fire fighting helmet.

Luftwaffe Civic Model Fire Fighting Helmet (left side)

Luftwaffe Civic Model Fire Fighting Helmet (right side side)

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