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All items shown are wartime originals and are manufactured prior to May 1945.  Terms are subject to change.

Return Policy:  We allow a seven (7) day inspection period from the day you receive the item.  You may request a refund within these seven days if necessary.  If requested, and based on the shipping method chosen, we use postal tracking methods to verify the date that the item was received at the address supplied during purchase.  The five days allows sufficient time for any novice or advanced collector to inspect the item in question to verify authenticy.  We allow refunds (less postage and insurance) on any items if the buyer communicates the desire to return the item within the seven (7) day inspection period.  We suggest that the buyer send an email describing fully the reasons for the refund request.  The email is a time dated and stamped document that verifies when it was received.  Some consignment items do not carry return privileges due to consigner's wishes.  Please be sure to ask up front as all items sold as consignments are clearly marked on the description page.  Your purchase is a binding contract and these terms are legally enforced.  This page of the website serves as a summary of these terms as documentation to what you have agreed to with regards to return privileges.  We will not be responsible for trying to get your money back or giving you a refund for an item that was purchased on consignment.

Forced Returns:  We do not allow individuals to force a return after the seven (7) day inspection period has expired.  Some individuals have taken to threats of law suits, investigations, and general bad behavior in slandering a person's name in order to press their case for a refund.  Seven (7) days should be sufficient for any knowledgeable collector to determine if the helmet is really original or not.  You are responsible for your own purchases.  As noted below, we believe all items listed are "original" based on our experience.  If pressing a case for a return after the terms of the agreement have expired is your method of achieving a refund, we recommend that you NOT purchase any items from the Market Place.  We will not refund your money after the seven (7) day inspection period due to claims that the item has all of a sudden become "fake", or that your best buddy on some online discussion forum has deemed the helmet a "reproduction" years or months after you have purchased your item.  If you keep your item after the seven (7) day inspection period it is yours to keep.  As noted above, this is your legally binding agreement of purchase.  We expect you to honor your agreement  Consignment items have no return privileges unless the consignee states them upfront.

Layaway Payments:  We will accept layaway payments on any item valued at more than $500.  Layaway terms state that you must supply a minimum of 50% of the total purchase price with no more than two payments to achieve final payment of the full purchase price including postage and insurance.  Failure to pay for the item within 90 days of initial deposit means that you will forfeit any funds paid.  Initial deposits of 50% are non-refundable.  You will receive a written document to this effect which is your legally binding agreement.  Not all items are available for layaway so please inquire first before assuming that one is.  Layaway items have no return privileges.

Authenticy:  We guarantee that all items are sold as "originals" meaning that we believe them to be manufactured prior to May 1945.  The word "guarantee" is to mean that we certify to the best of our knowledge that the item is as described and meets all standard and conventional descriptions of known originals.  We recognize that some items may be controversial in nature or may receive negative comments from some collectors.  It is your obligation as buyer to research the item you wish to buy before you decide to make a purchase decision.  The term "guarantee" does not imply that you can use a forced return effort well after the terms of the sale have concluded.  Any item that displays postwar modification or alteration detectible to us will be described as such.

Payments:  All funds delivered must be received in US dollars.  We do not accept credit card payments.  Payments can be made in cash, cashiers checks, money orders, and  All payments must include a 5% surcharge on the total to account for PayPal's high transaction fees.  Please indicate your payment method at the time of purchase.  Personal checks must clear (generally 10-15 days) before any item is shipped.  This is due to past experience with individuals who write bad checks and fail to honor their purchase agreements.  We also accept Western Union and direct deposit transfers between bank accounts for international buyers.

Postage and Insurance:  You are required to bear the costs of both postage and insurance on all items.  We will only ship items by Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and full insurance.  Overseas shipments are sent by tracked and verified air mail post.  If not included in the total price listed, please inquire about the full cost of shipping at the time of purchase.  We are not responsible for lost packages so please insure your item(s) properly.  Taxes incurred in your home country for the import of internationally purchased items is your responsibility.

Item Hold:  We will hold any item for ten (10) days beginning the day we receive your request to purchase.  The hold status remains in effect for the ten days during which we expect full or partial payment according to the terms outlined above.  Please do not request a hold on any item unless you really intend to make the purchase.  Failure to make purchase will place you on a list of "bad customers" who will be band from any further purchases.  This list is also shared with other vendors from time to time.

Consignments:  We accept consignments on items that fit the general theme of  Not all consignments will be accepted.  However, we are interested in helping you sell your original World War II items.  Please contact us for additional information on consigning items for direct sale in the Market Place.


Please email with additional questions or to make purchase arrangements.

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