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   New Book:  Wehrmacht Combat Helmets: 1933-45

This new book on German helmets is available through all book sellers including Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Osprey.  Collectors should also check their local hobby stores and gift shops in Museums located world-wide. Retail price is approximately $16 US.

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Wehrmacht Combat Helmets: 1933-45

The author has just released a new book printed by Osprey Publishing in England.  This 64 page softbound book is another addition to Osprey's growing list of WWII military books designed for the collector, historian, military enthusiast, and modeler.  Elite 106, entitled Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933-45, is yet another source of information on the history of the World War II German helmet. 

The book is filled with information beginning with the development of the steel helmet (stahlhelm) from the early days of the Reichswehr through the end of the war.  Helmets of the German Army (Heer), Air Force (Luftwaffe), and Navy (Kriegsmarine) are featured in never before published period photos.  Several surviving German veterans provided advice and commentary for the text which sheds light on the real practices of soldiers in the field.  The color inserts include artwork produced by Kevin Lyles which are accompanied by color photos of period helmets and insignia.  Helmets depicted are all authenticated examples of which the majority were collected from estates and surviving families of veterans.  The book is designed for the beginning and intermediate collector who seeks information not covered in other works. 

The compact and easy to follow format gives the reader a condensed and complete view of the German helmet with historical context at the level expected of those with military history backgrounds.  This is not just another book filled with "pretty pictures" and no text.  Readers can gather information pertaining to aspects such as the M1927 liner, chinstrap development and markings, decal makers, and related topics.  The book covers specific gaps not previously covered in other works such as Baer's The History of the German Steel Helmet.  For the first time new information is presented on RAL paint codes, a complete list of manufacturer's (some missing from Baer's text) of liner bands, and a time-line of development to put it all into context.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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