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    Collector Topics:  National Socialist Party Decal Types

The insignia of the National Socialist Party was printed in several different variations.  Today, these differences are often classified into categories that include "first pattern" and "second pattern" types based on modern collector terminology.  First pattern decals are those that generally bear a large, often wide, and thick swastika with a pointed bottom.  Second pattern decals generally have less of a pointed bottom and a swastika with thinner arms.  In addition, these decals often have a slightly thicker border around the edges.  In most cases, the swastika (and white circle on which it was printed) appears off-center to the naked eye.  For most collectors, this off-centeredness has become a classic indication of an "original" decal.  While often true, many original decals did not have this off-centered look.  In addition, it is generally well known that the off-centered look has been replicated in counterfeit decals for quite some time.  The photos below depict some of the more common National Socialist Party decal types that appeared on both Police and SS helmets.

Deutsche Polizei Main

SS Main

Decal Main

Two different first pattern decals showing similar, yet subtle differences between the two.
Two different second pattern decals.  On rests on a helmet with a textured paint surface.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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