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The Insignia of the NSDAP

National Socialist German Workers Party

The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei-NSDAP) existed from 1921 through 1945.  The   NSDAP was first initiated in Munich, Germany in February 1920.  At this time it consisted of a leadership board and a general membership of just under 2000. On July 29, 1921, Adolf Hitler was elected Chairman of the Nazi Party after previously having served as “Party Speaker” in the summer of 1920.  Almost immediately, Hitler declared himself the leader of the Nazi Party and the membership of the leadership board was transformed into one of Hitler's private making.

By the end of 1921, the NSDAP had become a paramilitary organization bordering on a fringe element that was often seen as radical in German politics.  All Nazi Party members wore paramilitary uniforms and the stormtroopers (Sturmabteilung-SA) had been founded that same year based on the model of the old Free Corps or "Freikorps".  By 1923, the Nazi party and the SA stormtroopers were considered almost one and the same in purpose, philosophy, membership, and mission.

During World War II, the Nazi Party managed the German government which was staffed by Nazis with local and state governments falling under the control of Nazi political leaders.  Many of these leaders were appointed by Hitler himself.  When the Nazi Party came to power in 1933 membership had risen to 2.5 million.  In 1945, when the Nazi Party was disbanded, official membership consisted of a total of 8.5 million.  By the end of the war, many people had simply joined the Nazi Party for the mere sake of receiving better rations and greater access to things that helped them exist during a period of utter destruction and all out war.

As Germany expanded its territory and began conquering other countries, the Nazi Party began establishing dictatorial regimes to replace the fallen governments, all of which were controlled by Nazi appointed leaders with the exception of France which was run by a military government under the control of the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht).


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