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    Wehrmachtsgefolge:  NSKK - National Socialist Motor Corps

The Insignia of the NSKK

National Socialist Motor Corps

The National Socialist Motor Corps (Nationalsozialistischen Kraftfahrkorps-NSKK) was officially organized on 1 May 1931.  The majority of the organization was composed of members formerly associated with the National Socialist Automobile Corps (Nationalsozialistischen Automobile Korps-NSKK) which was formed on 1 April 1930.  The National Socialist Automobile Corps (NSAK) was organized for the purpose of gathering automobile owners and drivers into Storm Trooper (Sturmabteilung-SA) units that enabled National Socialist Party members to travel for political events and rallies.  At this point in time, automobiles were still a luxury in Germany and relatively few people could afford them.  Hence, requisitioning their use through volunteers avoided the need to acquire funds for their direct purchase.  A smaller organization known as the Motor-SA (MSA) was also integrated into the NSKK on 23 August 1934.  This unit was composed of motorbikes, cars, and trucks that has previously been used by the National Socialist Party.  By 1938 the NSKK had more than 500,000 members divided into five districts where membership was strictly voluntary.

Prior to the outbreak of war, the role of the NSKK was to promote a general understanding of vehicle use and mechanics that provided the foundation for military application of this knowledge.  Many NSKK members were employed with duties that supported the local Order Police (Ordnungs Polizei) in cities where traffic control was needed.  As an organization, the NSKK also encompassed two smaller branches within its structure which included the Motor-Hitler Youth (Motor-Hitler Jungend) and the Naval NSKK (Marine-NSKK).  The Hitler Youth branch served to train young men in the disciplines of vehicle use and maintenance as a precursor to military service, while the Naval branch assisted the German Army with training related to small boat operations including that of landing and assault craft.

During wartime, the NSKK was organized into transport companies that moved German troops to various locations.  Members of the NSKK operated throughout Germany to include areas within occupied territories.  Many NSKK members functioned as transportation personnel bringing ammunition and supplies directly to the front lines.  The NSKK was active during the invasion of Poland and the Low Countries, and later following the Allied invasion of Normandy.  In September 1944 units of the NSKK participated in battles around the city of Arnhem (Netherlands) during the Allied operation known as “Market Garden”.  As troops employed in hazardous front line duties, many NSKK members were issued combat helmets which were drawn from a number of sources.  These included surplus helmets from the Luftwaffe and well as those from the German Army (Heer).


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This Information Track provides historical facts pertaining to steel helmets worn by the National Socialist Motor Corps (Nationalsozialistischen Kraftfahrkorps-NSKK) from 1931-1945.  Individual links related to this subject are outlined below.

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