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Beaded Police Helmets

Beaded model helmets were produced in the typical combat models including the M1935, M1940, and M1942 patterns.  Much debate has centered on whether or not the beaded rim around the center-line of the helmet was part of the overall design of the helmet.  Some collectors believe that the beaded mark was placed there after the helmet was formed to denote it as a factory "reject" which was later delegated for use by Air Defense Police (Luftschutzpolizei).  Those that subscribe to this theory base their points on the fact that the helmets generally are lighter in weight than combat versions and that they also have minor surface flaws in the metal.  However, metal smiths who have examined these helmets indicate that the raised bead would have been part of the shell's overall design, and not added afterwards.  Even so, many collectors refuse to believe this concept.  Regardless of the design intent, helmets of this type were generally painted dark blue-black.  Liners were of a variety of different styles generally consisting of the civic versions made of cardboard and cloth or leather.  Some helmets were also painted a medium blue-gray finish.  Decals were placed on either side of the helmet and could be the type with or without border.  In many cases the police decals were placed above the beaded mark and to the center of the helmet's profile.  Other decals were sometimes placed directly under the vent and over the beaded rim.

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The Left Side of the Beaded M1935 Luftschutz Police Helmet.


The Right Side Showing the National Socialist Party Decal.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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