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    Sturmabteilungen:  SA-Hilfspolizei

The Insignia of the Prussian Police

Hilfspolizei und Feldpolizei – Berlin-Brandenburg

As leader of Germany’s largest police force, Hermann Göring established a small cadre of supplementary police for use in the Brandenburg district of Berlin.  This was the first of many Sturmabteilung (SA) police organizations formed by Hermann Göring as a means of establishing paramilitary groups under the leadership of the National Socialist Party.  In February 1933 volunteers and hand picked members of the Sturmabteilung were organized into the “Hilfspolizei." This police group consisted of three detachments of sixty men each with many members having had former police experience.  In March 1933 the unit was expanded into a new SA unit designed “Feldpolizei der Gruppe Berlin-Brandenburg.”   At this time insignia was changed from that typically found on standard SA uniforms to now include collar patches consisting of the Prussian Police eagle superimposed on a sunburst star.  In effect, the unit now utilized distinctive police insignia which set members apart from regular SA units.

It is not certain if either the Hilfspolizei or the Feldpolizei der Gruppe Berlin-Brandenburg wore helmets of any kind, although at least one photograph has surfaced to suggest that helmets were worn bearing a large three-color swastika painted on the left side.  In 1933, many of the supplementary police units formed by the National Socialist Party were still in the early stages of development.  At this point in time, further information is not available in order to clearly identify these helmets and their specific configurations.  Only a single photograph exists to testify to the fact that a Berlin SA unit in 1933 wore helmets configured in this pattern.  Since the SA-Hilfspolizei existed for only two short months (February through March 1933) before being reorganized into the Feldpolizei – Berlin-Brandenburg, additional information is needed to confirm the exact nature of helmets worn by this unit.


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