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    Politische Gruppen:  Political Groups

Photo:  A postcard depicting German workers enjoying a holiday as advertised through an organization that encouraged the working class to consider themselves equal to the wealthy.

Although not thought of as military units per se, many political, labor, and civilian security organizations instituted by the National Socialist Party wore helmets as part of their regular uniform attire.  Helmets worn by these groups were usually surplus Austrian or German World War I model helmets, or the typical civilian or police style helmets common to nonmilitary formations in Germany.

As a political organization, the Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilungen-SA) were by far one of the most paramilitary groups in all of Germany.  At their onset in 1923, members of this group were required to train in military tactics using World War I pattern helmets painted light brown.  As their status slowly dwindled to the power to Adolf Hitler’s infamous Protection Squad (Schutzstaffel-SS), members were sent into more mundane civilian support services on Germany’s home front. In this capacity many wore gladiator style helmets so named for their ancient Roman appearance.

A small group of elite Sturmabteilungen members were later incorporated into the Air Force (Luftwaffe) as well as the Army (Heer). These men represented the honor of Germany’s fallen and were so named in all the units where they served (Feldherrnhalle-FHH).  Trained in military tactics, members of the SA-Feldherrnhalle also acted as highly trained security guards whose role it was to protect important buildings and Party locations.  In addition, many of the Third Reich’s police formations could claim their roots in the creation of early Sturmabteilungen protection squads.

Members of Germany’s labor unions were grouped into a single organization representing all of the Nation’s major employers.  Organized as a paramilitary group with deep roots in National Socialism, the German Labor Front (Deutsches Arbeitsfront-DAF) provided a small number of police and anti-aircraft units to help with the war effort.  It was determined that the protection of German industries against sabotage and Allied bombs was of vital interest to all people including the workers who labored for Germany’s cause.

Organized forms of factory protection also extended to independently hired employees and security firms.  There were men who served as Factory Protection Police (Werksschutzpolizei-WSP) in almost every industry in Germany.  These men patrolled warehouses, responded to attacks by Partisans, served as gatekeepers, and kept order among employees during bombing raids.  They worked in conjunction with other civilian protection groups like the Air Protection Police (Luftschutzpolizei-LSP) as well as the local Order Police (Ordnungspolizei) in towns and cities.


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