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    Questions & Answers:  Selling Tips

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding selling tips are described in this section.  Additional topics can be explored by linking to one of the subject areas listed below.


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Where is the best place to sell my German helmet?


People who are not collectors but wish to sell their helmets can benefit from one of the many online auctions that exist around the world.  However, some also choose to sell their helmets directly to militaria or antique dealers who specialize in this kind of material.  A third choice would be to sell the helmet directly to a collector.  A request for an appraisal along with an offer to purchase can be sent directly to the webmaster.  Whatever the choice may be, you should be aware of a few aspects regarding your approach.  Most collectors consider online auctions to be a "risky" place to buy helmets.  The reason being simply that most counterfeit helmets are sold through online auctions.  In addition, some online auctions forbid the sale of any item associated with Nazi Germany.  Selling to established dealers is an excellent way of ensuring a sale, however dealers offer less than market value in order to account for the required mark-up necessary to resell your item to collectors.

I am not a collector but want maximum or above market value for my helmet.  How do I do that?


In this case your best bet is to offer the helmet through an online auction in the hopes of getting enough people to bid on your helmet to lose sight of their own sense of market value.  This assumes of course that the auction service has enough buyer traffic to ensure a reasonable number of bids to drive your helmet above the normal amount typically paid for such an item.  In reality, its best not to expect full market value if you are not a collector.  The reason being that most collectors are looking for below market deals.  Others are of course looking to rob a person blind by offering such ridiculously low prices that they hope to take advantage of a person's lack of knowledge.  Overall, do not expect to get top dollar unless you are very well connected into the market and the hobby.  Getting 60% to 80% of true market value is a reasonable assumption going into your sale.

What do collectors want to see when I sell my helmet?


To make wise purchasing decisions collectors demand high quality photographs of your helmet.  This includes all of the related components including the interior, chinstrap, and insignia.

Should I offer a refund privilege?


Most helmet collectors demand or expect a return refund in the event they feel the helmet is a reproduction or fake.  As a result, it is wise to offer at least a three days inspection on any helmet sold.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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