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    Quick ID Charts
Quick ID Charts are designed to provide web visitors with a basic visual guide to assist in identifying a helmet's model or type.  Identification of a German helmet's overall model (or configuration) is key to associating the helmet's actual use with a given military or political organization.  Specific information on any helmet is best derived from one of the many Information Tracks which outline detailed facts pertaining to the helmets illustrated.

Visitors to are often seeking information to help identify a helmet's heritage.  The visual illustrations in the Quick ID Charts provide an overall starting place.  Visitors should remember that there were many different uses for a helmet during the time of the Third Reich.  One can not make an accurate assessment of actual use simply based on the helmet model alone.  Factors that yield a helmet's intended use are generally related to its paint color, helmet insignia (if any), and various markings contained in the helmet.  

Visitors seeking information on obtaining an accurate assessment of a helmet's style, to include a value appraisal or purchase offer, should contact the webmaster for further information.

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