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    Quick ID Chart:  Police Helmets

This Quick ID Chart provides a visual guide to identifying German helmets used by various police organizations between 1934 and 1945.  A variety of styles are depicted to illustrate the number of helmets that were incorporated into different police organizations including those of the military police.  The illustrations represent helmets worn by organizations such as the Regional Police Group Weck (Landespolizeigruppe Weck), Railroad Protection Police (Bahnschutzpolizei), Air Defense Police (Luftschutzpolizei), Fire Protection Police (Feuerschutzpolizei), and many more.  Other than the combat style helmets shown below, most civilian police helmets were manufactured in lightweight metal and painted various shades of black or light green.  Helmets used by combat police units were painted standard German Army field-gray.  Those helmets associated with the Air Defense organizations were painted a dark blue-black color.  This guide is intended to give only a general overview of the many helmet styles worn by various military and political groups of the Third Reich.  Information on which helmets were worn by a specific organization or military formation, to include specific coloring and insignia, is located in each of the Information Tracks contained in this website.

Air Defense







 Austrian M1916 German M1918
 M1918 Ear Cut-Out  Square Dip Variant
Austrian Variant  M1934 Medium Duty
Austrian Screened Vent M1934 Parade
Civic Curved Dip  Beaded M1942
Civic Square Dip   Beaded M1940
Civic M1918 (double vented) Beaded M1935
Civic M1918 Style   M1935
 M1940 M1942  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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