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Reproduction Liners

Reproduction helmet liners come in a variety of different sizes and quality ranges.  The majority are manufactured in Eastern Europe in small factories that can produce a reasonable quality product using industrial manufacturing equipment.  These are sold in the US through wholesale outlets as well as private individuals who specialize in the restoration of German helmets.

Some reproduction liners are made a bit more crudely using hand tools that shape and bend the inner and outer liner bands.  Suffice to say that the quality of these liner band replacements has been increasing over the last few years.  At least three different makers have produced good quality replicas that have now entered the market.  These include those produced in China, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.  These liners are designed to fit combat M1935, M1940, and M1942 helmets a variety of shell sizes.

A number of reproduction firms have also specialized in helmet liners made specifically for German paratrooper helmets.  These too have been produced with high quality including some which are so close to the originals that they are extremely hard to detect as being reproduction.  These liners come complete with zinc or aluminum metal band, properly sewn leather, and foam caps and pads similar to originals.

Whether the liner is intended for a combat or paratrooper helmet, the makers of these replacements have gone to great lengths to replicate all the materials that were used in the originals.  These include the proper ink and steel stamp marks that make them appear original.  Despite these efforts, most if not all of the reproduction liners currently in the market place can be detected as "counterfeit" if being sold as "original."  This due largely to the fact that any reproduction made today will often fall short of the quality found in originals.  This is simply due to the great monetary expense necessary to invest in a factory that can replicate an original down to every last detail.

In most cases, the markings, metal, leather, drawstrings, and construction fall short of what is found on an actual wartime example.  However, many reproduction liners are now being pre-aged to appear as originals.  The most convincing of all reproduction liners are those found in paratrooper helmets marketed in Europe and the US as being "original" despite the fact that they were actually manufactured in Czechoslovakia by industrialists seeking to defraud the collector market with high end forgeries.


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