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    Wehrmachtsgefolge: Reichsluftschutzbund - National Air Protection League

Insignia of the National Air Protection League

National Air Protection League

The National Air Protection League (Reichsluftschutzbund-RLB) was formed on 29 April 1933 with an official public announcement regarding its existence on 24 June 1933.  At the time of the organization’s creation, German propaganda efforts depicted the average citizen as vulnerable to air attack.  The purpose behind this effort was to instill widespread support and volunteer labor for a large air defense organization.  Hundreds of thousands of German citizens volunteered to serve in the National Air Protection League and by 26 June 1935 membership was practically mandated for every citizen.

As an “air protection” organization, the role of the Reichsluftschutzbund was to provide services related to air raid precautions.  This also included responding to the damaging effects of air raids wherever they might occur.  General responsibilities of National Air Protection League members included bomb disposal, fire-fighting, setting up smoke-screens, establishing ground decoys, and  creating camouflage.

Prior to the creation of the Air Protection Police (Luftschutzpolizei-LSP) in 1942, the organization was divided into two main branches of responsibility.  These included the Self-Protection Service (Selbschutz) and the Extended Self-Protection Service (Erweiterter-Selbschutz).  The Self-Protection Service encompassed all the responsibilities related to protecting families and citizens through the management of air raid shelters and fire prevention patrols. The Extended Self-Protection Service was responsible for overseeing individual buildings and facilities that did not have their own air raid protection teams.  In these cases, members of the Self-Protection Service were normally employees, factory workers, or other laborers who worked in these buildings or institutions.

Overall, the National Air Raid Protection League served to augment the existing services provided by the Feuerwehrpolizei, Sicherheits und Helfdienst, and Luftschutzpolizei organizations.  By 1943 the Reichsluftschutzbund employed more than 22 million members.


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