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We often receive requests from website visitors who seek access to record centers that may contain archival information pertaining to German helmets.  Many collectors prefer to research information on German helmets including the hopes of  identifying name, rank and serial numbers marked on helmet liners or painted on a helmet shell.  In an effort to provide suggested sources for research, the following organizations are listed below.  We recommend that any English speaking person seeking information from German archives to translate their correspondence into proper written German.  In addition, we also recommend that people sending letters to German archives also enclose a small monetary gift to help defray any costs associated with research time and postal expenses.  It is important to recognize that just because a German helmet has a man's last name written on it that this does not necessarily guarantee that records can be found (or even exist) to identify the helmet with the former soldier.  In many cases documents (including personal military records) have been lost as a result of the destruction of the German homeland during World War II.  While it may seem simple at first, the facts bear out that it is not an easy task to identify a helmet with a specific named soldier.  However, we encourage those interested in such research to access the organizations listed below.

Bundesarchiv - Zentralnachweisstelle
Federal Central Record Office

The Federal Central Record Office is the official institution which archives documents and information of historical importance to the German Federal Government.



Abteigarten 6

Phone: 02408-1470
Fax: 02408-114-37



Bundesarchiv - Militärarchiv
Federal Records Office - Military Archive


The Military Archive of the Federal Records Office is a branch of the Bundesarchiv that contains archived information related to the German military. Information is available for use by researchers and authors.



Postfach, 79024
Wiesentalstrasse 10

Phone: 0761-47817-0
Fax: 0761-47817-900



Federal Records Office - Personnel Archives


Another branch office of the Bundesarchiv, this office retains personnel records for many of the survivors of World War II.


Abteigarten 6

Phone: 011-49-2408-1470


Das Berlin Document Center (BDC)

The Berlin Document Center


The BDC was established immediately after the end of World War II by the US Army in Berlin.  This agency served to archive Third Reich documents used to form the legal basis for war crimes trials. The archives of the BDC were investigated thoroughly by collector/author Kelly Hicks who after years of research found no records pertaining to SS helmets.  The most important documents held in this archive include:


·   Central member card index of the NSDAP (11 million card indices)

·   Party correspondence (1.3 million documents)

·   Personal documents related to the race and settlement office of the SS (240,000 documents)

·   Personnel records of SS members (350,000 documents)

·   Personnel records of SA members (550,000 documents)

·   Personnel records of resettled immigrants


Access to personal documents and card indices is possible only with full name of the person being searched including birth date.




Abteilung Deutsches Reich

Finckensteinallee 63

12205 Berlin


Phone: 018-88-7770-411

Fax: 018-88-7770-111


Deutsche Dienstelle (WASt)
Wehrmacht Information Office for War Losses and POWs

This office was created in 1946 to retain information related to individual members of the German Armed Forces in relation to those killed in action or identified as POWs.


·   Provide certificates confirming a person was killed in action.

·   Providing supporting documentation when applying for death certificates.

·   Help solve MIA cases.

·   Help decode Wehrmacht identity discs.

·   Help decode Wehrmacht Field Post Office Numbers.

·   Provide known locations of war graves.

·   Aid in the administration of personal effects.

·   Provide records of Military Service.

·   Provide certificates required by the Social Security Services, Ministry of Pensions, etc.

·   Provide proof of time spent as a POW.

·   Provide proof of decorations and Honor Awards.

·   Provide proof of nationality.


Deutsche Dienstelle (WASt)
Postfach 51 06 57

Phone: +49 (030) 41904-100
Fax: +49 (030) 41904-100

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge
German War
Graves Commission

This organization maintains German war graves all over the world and has an extensive database of fallen or missing German soldiers and their grave locations (when known). They preserve the graves of hundreds of thousands of German soldiers killed during World War II.


Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräbefürsorge
Werner-Hilpert Strasse 2
D-34112 Kassel

The National Archives (UK): Military History Section


The repository of the UK's national archives. The site includes an online catalogue, research information leaflets and an education center. The National Archives has a huge collection of records dealing with Britain's military history. Whatever period you are studying this organization has documents that reveal strategy equipment and the experience of those that fought.




The National Archives



Surrey, TW9 4DU

United Kingdom


Phone:  +44 (0) 20 8876 3444


The National Archives (US) at College Park, MD


The estimated 8 million photographs and graphic images in the Still Picture holdings at the National Archives at College Park, attract a wide variety of researchers: documentary filmmakers, print and electronic publishers, media representatives, military veterans, museum curators, social and cultural historians, and the general public.  In addition, records are maintained regarding SS military men for those interested in researching specific names or ID numbers.




National Archives at College Park
8601 Adelphi Road

College Park, MD 20740-6001


Phone: 301-837-3510

FAX: 301-837-1919  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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