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    Sturmabteilungen:  SA-Standarte Feldherrnhalle

SA Regiment Feldherrnhalle

After the demise of Ernst Rohm in 1934, Viktor Lutze assumed the role of Chief of Staff of the Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilungen or “SA”).  Following his appointment, Lutze reorganized the SA to include the creation of an elite guard regiment (SA-Standarte).  This regiment consisted of six battalions of volunteers that were stationed in different locations throughout Germany.  After the annexation of Austria in 1938, a seventh battalion was formed in Vienna, Austria.

In September 1936 the Regiment was given the honorary title “Feld-herrnhalle” to commemorate the famed monument in the center of Munich, Germany.  During the celebration of Hermann Göring’s birthday on 12 January 1937, Lutze made Göring honorary Commander of the SA-Regiment Feldherrnhalle.  In a move of power, Göring transferred control of SA-Regiment Feldherrnhalle to the Luftwaffe.  Members were now required to undergo military training as well as instruction as parachutists.

In 1938 the Regiment was mobilized for use in the Sudetenland crisis.  The unit was intended to serve as one of the many formations that would invade and occupy the Western portion of Czechoslovakia.  The issue was quickly resolved however and members did not participate in the occupation.  When Germany attacked Poland in 1939, the men of the Regiment were transferred to the newly formed Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 2.  Other members were transferred to Infantry Battalion “Feldherrnhalle” which was part of the German Army’s Infantry Regiment 271.  A small detachment of SA Feldherrnhalle members continued to serve under the SA until May 1945.


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