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    Politische Gruppen: Sturmabteilungen (SA) - Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers

The Storm Troops (Sturmabteilungen - SA) rose from the political movement of the National Socialist German Worker's Party (NSDAP) in the early days proceeding World War II.  In 1923 its second leader, Ernst Röhm, helped Adolf Hitler organize a group of "Hall Guards" whose role it was to provide security to the many political meetings held in beer halls throughout Munich.  These guards were later officially called "Storm Detachments" (Sturmabteilung) and were named after special German Army attack units that were used in trench warfare during World War I.  From these detachments were also formed a number of police formations that fell under the auspices of the SA.

Following several disagreements with Adolf Hitler, Ernst Röhm was murdered on 30 June 1934 along with other members of the SA Leadership .  This purge prevented the SA from organizing a "Brown Shirted Army" that Adolf Hitler consider a threat to his overall power base in Germany.  After Röhm's murder, Viktor Lutze was appointed head of the SA.  He too was later eliminated in 1943.  

During the war years the SA trained men in political leadership as well as naval seamanship.  Members of the SA were also formed into military training units (Wehrmanschaften) who provided auxiliary services to the Wehrmacht.  Near the end of World War II many SA men, both young and old, were called upon to serve in Hitler's "People's Army " (Volksturm).


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