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    Sturmabteilungen: SA-Stabswache Röhm - Headquarters Guard Unit Röhm

The Insignia of the SA

SA-Stabswache Röhm

In January 1931 Ernest Röhm returned to the position of Chief-of-Staff of the Storm Detachments (Sturmabteilungen-SA).  In this role he quickly formed a special guard unit (Stabswache) to protect key leaders including himself.  Special Stabswache were established not only for Röhm but also for Hermann Göring and Adolf Hitler.  Members of these guard units wore standard SA uniforms including brown painted helmets.  A unique set of insignia was developed for use on helmets worn by the men who protected Ernest Röhm.  The helmets were generally of Austrian World War I design.  This included a light weight version remanufactured during the 1930's.  The men who served in these elite guard units were actually a threat to Adolf Hitler's ambitions to dominate leadership of the National Socialist Party.  Röhm had dreams of leading Germany into a new military era where his "brown shirts" would form the nucleus of a new German Army to replace that which has been struggling since the Weimar era.  The power balance between Röhm and Hitler often swayed between Party members within the SA.  In an effort to take final control of the situation, Adolf Hitler and his guards arrested Röhm and had him imprisoned in 1934.  Shortly thereafter Hitler had Röhm shot to ensure that there would never again be a threat from the SA.


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SA-Stabswache Göring

SA-Stabswache Röhm

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