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    Sturmabteilungen: SA-Wehrmannschaft - SA Military Training Defense Groups

The Insignia of the SA


In 1939 Adolf Hitler created the Storm Troopers Military Training Defense Group (SA-Wehrmannschaft) to bolster the Sturmabteilungen's (SA) weakened position within the National Socialist Party and to add to the men who were being trained for service in the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht).  The responsibilities of the SA-Wehrmannschaft were to provide military training to SA members before and after their regular service in the Wehrmacht.  The initial training consisted of standard military exercises done for a period of one to three weeks.  Upon completion of this program members were expected to serve at least two evenings per week and six hours on Sunday.  The SA-Wehrmannschaft also trained those men who were rejected from regular military service as a result of being unfit for duty. 

Members of the SA-Wehrmannschaft were separate from the regular SA in that they wore uniforms with different insignia.  As a whole, the SA-Wehrmannschaft was divided into different military groups which reflected somewhat equal counterparts within the Wehrmacht.  These included divisions for Cavalry, Engineers, Foot Units, Guard Units, Light Infantry, Marine Infantry, Medical Units, Mountain Troops, Rifle Units, and Signal Troops.  Overall, the SA-Wehrmannschaft was a smaller version of Ernst Röhm's once dreamed "brown shirt army" that never came to fruition.  With Adolf Hitler's execution of Röhm, the "brown shirt army" never came about.  Following the advent of World War II, Hitler had more than 80% of the SA's membership transferred into the Wehrmacht.

The SA-Wehrmanschaft was also responsible for overseeing the allocation of men and support to the Home Guard Antiaircraft (Heimatflak), Auxiliary Urban Police (Stadtwacht), and the Auxiliary Rural Police (Landwacht).  By 31 May 1944 approximately 3,300,000 men had participated in the training program.  The majority of these men were partially disabled, deemed unfit for regular service, older members of the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jungend), and older men not serving in the Armed Forces (Wehrmacht) Reserve.


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