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    SS-Fuss-Standarten (SS Foot Regiments) 1933-1934

The National Insignia of the NSDAP and Early SS

SS Foot Regiments

Within the structure of the early Allgemeine-SS was the incorporation of guard troops formed into infantry regiments similar to those used during World War I.  Anywhere from two to four Foot Regiments (known as SS-Fuss-Standarten) served within each of the SS-Sub Districts (SS-Abschnitte) within a larger SS-District (SS-Oberschnitt). 

A Foot Regiment consisted of approximately 2,000 men trained in military fashion by SS members who served during the Great War.  Foot Regiments were reduced to approximately 300 to 400 men each after 1939 when they served as guard units within a variety of SS administrative buildings.  These men were separate from the SS-Verfügungstruppe (SS-VT) and remained tied exclusively to the Allgemeine-SS political organization throughout World War II.

During the early years each Foot Regiment was assigned to a specific SS district and wore insignia on their uniforms which corresponded with the district's number.  Districts were numbered sequentially from 1 to 125.  Two additional Foot Regiments were formed after 1939 which consisted of Numbers 145 (Ledsschϋtz) and 182 (Ahlen).

Between 1933 and 1934 men assigned to SS Foot Regiments began to use steel helmets as protective headgear during parades and guard duties.  These helmets were generally acquired from World War I surplus which was extremely limited by shortages within the German Army.  Helmets were painted gloss black with some Foot Regiments using runic insignia painted on both sides of a helmet.


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This Information Track provides historical facts pertaining to steel helmets worn by the SS Foot Regiments (SS-Fuss-Standarten) from 1933-1934.  Individual links related to this subject are outlined below.

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