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    Waffen-SS (Armed-SS):  M1940 Double Decal Helmets

M1940 Double Decal Helmets

One of the rarest of all Waffen-SS helmets is the M1940 double decal.  Helmets of this type are characteristic of standard M1940 pattern helmets in paint and configuration save for the fact that they bear the National Socialist Party decal on the left side of the helmet.  M1940 double decal Waffen-SS helmets were produced for only a short period of time in mid 1940.  At the end of March 1940 the first M1940 model helmets were placed into mass production for the Waffen-SS.  At this time regulations still held that each helmet be given double decals like the M1935 pattern helmets that preceded them.  Helmets produced for the Wehrmacht, particularly the Army and Navy, did not bear a second decal per regulations issued at the time the M1940 was ordered into production.  However, in August 1940 the Supreme Commander of the SS ordered the Party shield decal removed from the left side of the helmet in accordance to orders that were issued to all branches of the Wehrmacht in March 1940.  The delay in issuing the order resulted in a manufacturing cycle that included factory produced M1940 helmets with two decals.  This production cycle lasted approximately four months.  While hundreds of helmets with this configuration were likely manufactured during this time period, most were lost in combat in 1941 or scraped later when the war finally came to a close.  As a result, these helmets are often sought after by many collectors because of their unique stature among Waffen-SS helmets.

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The Right Side of the Waffen-SS Double Decal M1940 Helmet.


The Left Side of the M1940 Waffen-SS Double Decal Helmet.  - The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945

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