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    Schutzstaffeln: SS-Heimwehr Danzig und Danzig Polizei

The Insignia of the Danzig Police

The SS-Heimwehr Danzig

In 1938 the SS-Heimwehr Danzig was created as a paramilitary police unit for the Free City of Danzig.  Following World War I Danzig (now called Gdansk, Poland) was proclaimed a "Free City" by the 1920 Treaty of Versailles.  This gave Poland the ability to occupy Danzig in order to use its port facilities for ocean commerce.  Prior to this time a small German police force had been established in Danzig in 1936.  Overall the city became a blend of both Polish and German citizens.

After the rise of the National Socialist Party, Adolf Hitler was intent on reclaiming Danzig for Greater Germany and the Reich.  In a covert effort to control Danzig the Schutzstaffel (SS) swelled the ranks of the Danzig Home Guard (Heimwehr) by shipping SS men to the city to form a paramilitary police force.  Many of the men were initially disguised as tourists in order to pass into Poland. 

The total force consisted of approximately 1500 men who served for only a short period of time under the name "SS-Heimwehr Danzig."  The unit was formed around men drawn from the Berlin-based third detachment of the partially Austrian 4. SS-Totenkopfstandarte and from volunteers who were one-third natives of the 98% German Free City of Danzig.  The unit saw brief action in September 1939 during the Polish campaign where men saw combat on the Vistula bridge at Dirschau, the battle for the Westerplatte, and finally assisting the German Army in taking the Oxhöfter Kämpe.  Following the Polish campaign the unit was dissolved and incorporated into the then SS-Division "Totenkopf" which largely completed the SS-Totenkopf-Infanterie-Regiment 3.


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