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    M1942 Waffen-SS Reverse Decal Helmet

One variety of Waffen-SS helmet rarely encountered is that which contains an SS decal placed on the opposite side of what was standard regulation.  Today collectors refer to these helmets as "reverse decal" in description.  Over the past 10 years, SS helmet collectors have documented that this helmet configuration can be attributed to Dutch Waffen-SS volunteers serving in the SS.  In some cases other examples have been documented as having originated with Belgian Waffen-SS volunteers.  Collectors have noted this single decal reversed configuration on both M1940 and M1942 pattern helmets.  Most helmets exhibit what advanced collectors believe to be the only "correct" configuration for an authentic helmet, and that being a first pattern C.A. Pocher manufactured runic decal (applied by the soldier not the factory) on the left side of the helmet (as opposed to the standard right side).  However, some variations to this known configuration exist which clearly counters the notion that all foreign volunteer helmets must possess a C.A. Pocher decal to be authentic.  Photographed below is a "CKL" manufactured M1942 helmet exhibiting the proper "second pattern bronze pulver" decal common to early ET (Thale) manufactured helmets of the era.  The decal is consistent with those expected on M1942 helmets by this manufacturer, but in this case the expected decal is placed on the left side and is not the usually found C.A Pocher variety common to almost all known examples of foreign volunteer helmets.  This is the only known example of this helmet configuration.  The application and tilt of the decal clearly indicates that it was applied by someone other than a factory worker, and is unique in that it demonstrates that so called "second pattern runic shields" were also used on Waffen-SS reverse decal helmets during World War II.  This helmet originated as a World War II veteran souvenir and is an unaltered example of an uncommon configuration.

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